AC quick fixes by maintenance companies in Dubai

What is an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is an electro-mechanical device that is capable of maintaining the surrounding room temperature at a reduced rate when compared to the actual temperature, and it does this with the help of an evaporator, compressor, condenser, refrigerant, etc.


An air conditioner does the magic of cooling the surrounding temperature by drawing the hot air from the given room, absorbs the heat from the air with the help of a coolant expels the air to outside and recirculate cool breezy air back into your room.

For people living in the middle east like ourselves we cannot imagine a single day without our air conditioners, we have grown, so, accustomed to them that we hardly even notice their presence.

Things were never always like this earlier, AC’s in earlier times used to be a privilege enjoyed by the more affluent, however, with advancements in technology their prices have dropped and now even regular folks can afford them

Why maintenance companies in Dubai want you to take better care of your AC’s

Summer has already begun, it’s the time of the year where people dread stepping out of the comforts of their comfy homes and their offices even if it’s to run important errands. All of us have experienced the situation where we are all sweaty and miserable after spending a few hours outside in the sun may be as part of work or to run some errands.

Afterwards, when we return back to the confines of our home or office and we feel the breath of cool air washing over us we feel like we are in heaven, all thanks to the summer killer-“Air conditioners”.

Therefore, what will be your reaction after you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors either as part of your job or to run some errands and when you return back to your home and switch on your AC to cool off your mind and body only to find out it’s not working.

Rahman’s hot summer afternoon

Rahman was working as a marketing executive for a prominent real estate company in Dubai, as he was the cell lead he was given a cabin with all amenities. Like most of us Rahman also never paid any attention to the state of things around him, if so, he could have avoided a rather unpleasant evening at his office.

AC maintenance

Like always Rahman checked into his office by 10.00 am in the morning gave a briefing to his boss held a discussion with all his subordinate and was on his way to meet an important client and like always before Rahman went out he kept the AC on as he left his office to get a cool welcome after he returns.

Rahman met the client was able to persuade him to make the purchase, as a result, he decided to reward himself with a pack of mandi biryani from the local biryani hut all this while he was getting all sweaty and miserable.

He was looking forward to returning back to the comfort of his office and to enjoy his lunch. However, he was in for a surprise when he returned back to his office the room temperature was even hotter than the temperature outside first he thought the lights were out then he found out the issue was with his AC.

He was sweating from all over his body and then he lost his cool and he called the office electrician to inspect the AC. After the AC technician came he inspected the AC and asked him if he saw any hot air coming from the AC in these past few days. That’s when he remembered the instance when he saw hot air coming from the AC but ignored it as he was busy leaving for an important meeting when he returned back the ac was working fine. When he told the matter to the electrician, the electrician responded that there must be something wrong with the compressor and it must have blown out. For that they will need to hire personnel from a maintenance company in Dubai like our Spectrum services to resolve the issue.

The electrician explained to Rahman the importance of paying attention to what’s happening around him so that, he can act accordingly and prevent such kinds of mishaps from happening in the future.

Rahman could have avoided all of this if he had paid a little more attention to the state of the devices around him.

Faults in AC’s and how you can fix them

Now that you have understood the importance of paying attention to the state of equipments around you, we are going to introduce you to some of the frequently occurring faults with AC’s and how personnel’s from an AC service in Dubai can spot and fix them.

Filters-A clogged filter is one of the primary reasons for the air conditioner’s going out of commission most of the time. Filters, as the name implies, are used to absorb the dust and dirt particles present in our air and with prolonged usage the air filters will get clogged with dust.

Dirty filters can hamper the functioning of our air conditioner as the clogged filters can reduce the amount of air coming from inside the AC resulting in the components of the ac freezing from within.

You can inspect whether your filters are clogged or not by passing light through them, if the lights are not passing through then it means filters are clogged.

Thermostat-Next to filters another piece of hardware that can impede the smooth working of your air conditioner is the thermostat. The thermostat is a device that is used to control the temperature of your AC, therefore, your Ac’s working, in turn, depends on the smooth functioning of your thermostat.

So make sure your thermostat is functioning smoothly, once in a while subject it too regular checks and make sure the sunlight entering the room doesn’t affect the temperature reading of the thermostat.

AC maintenance

Breakers-breakers and fuses are placed to safeguard the AC’s motor and compressor from overheating. So once in a while check whether the breakers attached to the air conditioners are not tripping if so call an electrician and check your building’s wiring.

Evaporator coils-these coils are used to absorb the heat of the air coming from the building and as a result, after prolonged exposure to the elements, they will get corroded. So see whether the evaporator coils of your AC is located inside the device or on the outside.

If they are located on the outside see whether they are getting corroded, if so call in personnel from an AC service in Dubai.

Condenser coils-Condenser coils of the Ac’s are located on the outside along with the compressor so they are prone to get corroded as they are continuously exposed to the elements. A dirty condenser coil is very easy to clean, all you need is a hose pipe and some water. Just have them cleaned once every year.

Compressor-The compressors are used to circulate the refrigerant inside the ac therefore, that the coolant can absorb the heat from the surroundings and expel it outside. In the event the compressor is running low on coolant the ac will start expelling hot air. So in the future, if your Ac were to expel hot air know that there is some issue with the compressor and call in a personal form a maintenance company in Dubai.

Drainage-Like the filters of your AC, the drain pan of your AC can also become clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. In the event, the drain pan of your Ac becomes clogged water will start leaking from the Ac if you were to notice any water coming from the  AC know there is some issue with the drain pan and call an experienced technician providing AC service in Dubai.

We have provided you a brief walk through on how to better take care of your air conditioner by spotting faults, so that you can fix them up as and when they occur. If you were to pay attention to the state of your equipment and apply quick fixes as and when they occur you can extend the life of your air conditioner.

As summer just began none of us are looking forward to spending a miserable and sweaty day in the office or at home so do a thorough inspection of your air conditioner by looking out for the most commonly occurring faults if you can’t spot anything rest assured you are safe from the summer heat. In the case you find anything wrong give yourself a pat in the back and call in Spectrum services, the best maintenance company in Dubai for all your maintenance woes.

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