Essential Tools To Help You Maintain A Clean Home

Clean house front with a mat

Most of us are aware of the popular slogan “A clean home is a happy home” its popular not just because its catchy however, because it’s the truth after a long day at the offices after dealing with irate customers, nagging co-workers, and worst of all a horrible bosses when we finally return back to our home’s we should feel at ease and be peaceful.

Whether or not you get a smooth feel and the tranquility of a peaceful atmosphere when you reach your home depends on the fact who is in charge of your house’s cleaning duty.

                                                        If the cleaning activities are undertaken by you then you have no one but  yourself to blame for your homes pitiable condition however, if you are availing the services of a maid then fire her as she is doing a very poor job in maintaining your house. And avail the services of any of the maid service companies in Dubai to get more bangs for your buck.

Create a plan

Like for everything having a plan or a to-do list before you proceed with the cleaning of your home will allow you to get the job done in a much more easier and systematic, you won’t miss out on anything as you can cross off items as you proceed with the cleaning.

Cleaning is a lot like dancing no you don’t have to clean your house with graceful ballerina steps it’s just that there is a rhythm to the entire process you start from the top move your way down and around all the while observing things that demand attention around you, therefore, you can deal with your cleaning chore in a fun and easy manner instead of seeing it as an unpleasant task.

The maid’s cleaning service companies go to their client’s home make an assessment and proceed with a plan like floor cleaning will be done only after they broom the floors otherwise the dust will stick to the floors and they will appear dirtier than they were from the beginning so that’s why it’s better you proceed with your cleaning task with a clear cut plan or to do list.

The Welcome mat

This may sound a bit trivial but you should definitely have a mat in front of your doorstep, the purpose of this doormat it’s not just to greet your visitor’s to your home, however, to make sure as much as less dirt inside your house as much as possible.

Clean house front with a mat
Welcome mat

Depending on the weather the type of dust they will be bringing into your house will vary you don’t want someone to walk-in to your home and step on your new Kashmiri rug with their dirty boots.

Mops and containers

The best way to clean your house with a good old mop the newer models are coming up with a container where you are having the provision to add In water and soap solution to make a soapy latter since the container comes up with wheels you can move it around your house to scrub your floors hard and make them shine.

House cleaning mop and container
Floor cleaning mop and container

You can clean your floors, tiles, and even your car with this, for cars and all you will have to use separate cleaning gears. A combination of mop and open storage containers are used by popular maid cleaning service in Dubai as this will allow maids to move around the house and clean without dealing with the difficulty of carrying this container around your house.

Surface cleaner

Surface cleaners as the name implies are used to clean the surface of materials like house tiles, glass surfaces, metal surfaces, etc. these substances not only cleans the objects but also add’ s in a shining glaze to the objects.

Therefore, when you are in the market for surface cleaners go for one which is an all-purpose one, therefore, we can derive max utility from them. Good quality surface cleaners will be having a nice and exotic smell added to them, therefore, after their usage, the entire room will be filled with a soothing smell which can put our mind at ease, therefore, go for a surface cleaner that has multiple uses and a sweet smell attached to it.

Refer the sites of popular cleaning companies in Dubai to get an understanding of which product to be used go for one which has good reviews and ratings from the people who used it.

Wood cleaner

We all have objects in our home made of wood and you cannot use your average cleaning solution to clean them as it can lead to their decay and permanent ruin. To clean wooden products like piano, furniture, cupboards it’s important to use a wooden cleaner in addition to keeping your wooden articles clean it will make their surface looks polished.

Wooden cleaners are having components in them which can protect these wooden materials from the attack of termites. According to the blogs of popular maid cleaning service companies in UAE application of wood, cleaners can prolong their lives.

Vacuum cleaner

All of us have carpets in our homes and it can be a real headache if you were to spill something and because of their bulky nature, we won’t be able to roll them up and clean them every time we spill something on them.

When dealing with stains like these its best you use a strong vacuum cleaner ie one with strong sucking powers as they will be able to remove hard stains from coffee spills with relative ease and in addition to this vacuum cleaners are having add on for dealing with various cleaning chores whether it’s to remove debris from your mats/carpets, or dusting your sofa or cleaning your curtains you can use this apparatus.

Vacuum cleaners are available in all stores and if you were to find them a bit pricey you can opt to hire the services of maid cleaning service companies in Dubai who will be sending in an expert maid along with all cleaning accessories like surface cleaners, storage containers, vacuum cleaners all for a reasonable price.

Frequently encountered plumbing issues in our homes

Plumbing issues like pipe leakage and dripping faucets in addition to leading to unnecessary wastage of water will result in our homes becoming dirtier as water leaking from the pipes along with the dust and debris in the floor can ruin the overall look and feel of our homes.

Some of the frequently encountered plumbing issues in our homes are dripping faucets, clogged, leaky pipes, etc.

Tap leaks by plumbing service fault
Plumbing issues

With both dripping faucets and leaking pipes, you will be losing a lot of water which can significantly raise your water bill. It has been estimated worldwide that a dripping faucet or a leaking pipe can drip away anywhere about a 100 gallon of water every year. They say prevention is better than cure so, its better to identify such faults as soon as they crop up and deal with them.

Next to leaking pipes and faucets the next biggest headache for every house hold’s are the issues with their drains. The drains in our kitchen sink can become clogged with food and vegetable wastes in such cases you can remove them with the help of a simple combination of vinegar and baking soda which can help you remove the food debris and unclogging the drain in the process or you can call professional plumbing services in Dubai for assist.

Throughout this blog we have discussed some of the tools which can make your cleaning chore a lot easier and effective having the right tool at your disposal can solve half of your cleaning problems.