How to Clean Your Messy Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most important part of our home. We prepare, store, eat food and wash the dishes in the kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen should always be kept clean and hygiene. An unkempt kitchen will affect the health of your family. That’s why it is important to keep the kitchen always clean and tidy. However,  kitchen cleaning is a tedious task. Kitchen Cleaning needs more patience. Here are some tips to clean your kitchen easily.

Kitchen cleaning services in Dubai


How to do Kitchen Cleaning Better?

  • Clean the Countertops

First, start cleaning with the countertops. Put away all the unwanted things that are not in their right place. Remove unwanted things that do not belong to the kitchen like magazines, toys, cards etc. Throw away the unwanted items that you no longer use in the trash bin.

  • Remove Dirty dishes

Remove all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Clean all the plates.

  • Clean countertops

Using a sponge clean the surfaces of countertops and stovetops. Remove the stains and marks from the surface.

  • Clean stovetops and Vent Hood

Remove the stains from the burners with warm water and soap.  Using a sponge wipe the stove surfaces to remove stains. You can also remove the control knobs and clean them. After that, you can wipe the exterior of the vent hood thoroughly. Remove the vent filter and you can wash them or wipe them using a sponge.

  • Cabinet Cleaning

Remove all the items from cabinets. Throw away expired food items from the cabinet. Dust the inside of cabinets. After that, clean thoroughly and wipe the cabinets to remove dust. Clean the exterior of the cabinets to remove the grease build up.

  • Empty the fridge/refrigerator

Remove all the unnecessary items from your refrigerator. Empty the old and expired leftover foods. Remove the storage containers for cleaning. Wipe the entire shelves with a clean towel and wipe down every drawer and shelf.  Scrub out any sticky stains.

  • Oven Cleaning

Remove the grates from the oven and clean it thoroughly. Wipe down the exterior and interior of the oven to remove food stains and fingerprints.

  • Clean all the kitchen appliances

Take all the kitchen appliances like microwave oven, dishwasher etc. and clean them. Clean and wipe exterior of all kitchen appliances present in your kitchen.

  • Kitchen cleaning services in DubaiCleaning the Sink

After washing the dirty dishes, you need to clean the kitchen thoroughly. Wipe down the basin and fixtures of the sink. Clean the kitchen sink using a lemon, it will bring back the shine to your sink. Clean around the faucets and get rid of the mineral deposit around the sink.

  • Cleaning Switchboards

Clean switchboards around the kitchen and remove the fingermarks from the switchboards. Remove the dust from light fixtures, tops of cabinets, top of the refrigerator. Remove the fingermarks, burn marks and food stains.

  • Sweep and Mop the Floor

After cleaning all the kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinets, fridge etc. sweep the entire kitchen floor using a broom. Use a mop after that to continue the cleaning.  After cleaning the place put the mops in its right place.

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