How to prepare your home for the baby’s arrival

baby on clean bed with quotes

The arrival of a baby can be both joyous and tense for you the parents as may will feel overwhelmed by the onerous task lying ahead of you. However, nevertheless, you will have to prepare the house for the baby’s arrival, here are some steps you can follow to get the desired result:

  1. First of all, prepare a plan on how you are going to proceed with the cleaning process, you must prioritize the cleaning process on the basis of its usage.
  2. The immune system of babies is not as developed as in adults hence are more prone to be struck down by diseases when exposed to harmful allergens and toxic substances.

The best method to deal with harmful and toxic substances is called deep cleaning employed by the cleaning companies in Dubai.

What is deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a technique employed mostly by hoteliers to have the room thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all germs and toxic substances. Rooms are subjected to this cleaning technique twice or thrice in a year to keep the rooms in pristine conditions.

In deep cleaning each and every nook and corner of the room will be cleaned to spotless perfection. Most hotels and homes in Dubai will approach the maid service companies in Dubai for availing deep cleaning services.

How to initiate the deep cleaning process

Normally cleaning is something we do with great difficulty. Deep cleaning is an entirely different matter and can feel quite overwhelming therefore, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Deep cleaning is the best way to deal with dust, grime, and grease which have accumulated in the house for a long time.

A deep cleaning technique is not something which you can do by yourself therefore, you will have to contact a professional cleaning company in Dubai who specializes in deep cleaning to help you out.

Before we start the actual process of cleaning we should make a to-do list listing of all the possible rooms we want them to clean based on the frequency of its usage.

  • Cleaning the floors and walls.
  • Washing the curtains and linens.
  • Dusting the appliances and furniture.
  • Steam cleaning upholsters furniture.
  • Disinfecting the surface of appliances with steam cleanings.

Steps should be taken before contacting maids service

Now that you know what is deep cleaning and what all activities come under it you can proceed with the process, however before that, you need to prepare a list of things to be taken off before the initiation of the deep cleaning process. Here is  a list of things you should know before you call in the services of a  maid service company in Dubai for deep cleaning:

  • You shouldn’t wait for the last moment to proceed with the cleaning process, ideally, you should start the cleaning process 2-3 months before the arrival of the baby.
  • Before we proceed with the actual cleaning process we should go for pest control.
  • Whether your home has the previous history with a pest infestation or not you should start with pest control.
  • For pest control we use toxic substances which are harmful to both human as well as pests, therefore, the best practices will be to proceed with the cleaning part after the pest control.
  • In a deep cleaning, we cannot leave out any room in order to risk the transfer of dirt and dust from one part of the house to the other.
  • The cleaning schedule followed by most maids in Dubai is to deal with the shared spaces first and then deal with rooms like the kitchen and baby’s rooms.
  • It’s appreciable that you want to clean your house before the baby’s arrival but this is not your everyday cleaning it requires a great amount of time and specialized machinery both of which can be provided to you by house cleaning services Dubai.
  • No matter how much care we give we won’t be able to maintain our coaches and sofas dust free for long as these are the best places for specks of dust to accumulate and thrive in your homes.
  • Before we proceed with the deep cleaning process make sure the furniture is having a W tag first proceed with regular vacuum cleaning before you proceed with deep cleaning.
  • The steamer should reach about 158 degrees Fahrenheit for it to sanitize the furniture and the steamer should reach about 212 degrees Fahrenheit for it to disinfect the surface of the upholstery.
  • The AC is a marvelous invention of the modern world which in turn helps u to regulate the room temperature to your liking. As you proceed with the deep cleaning process enlist the services of an AC maintenance team from a cleaning company in Dubai.
  • Having our AC’s regularly maintained will not only improve the efficiency of the system, however, it will also make sure allergens are not dispersed into your home.
  • The quality of the air around us has dwindled over the following years to a point where they have become close to stale. So if you are that concerned with the baby’s healthy you can use an Air purifier.
  • Good quality air purifiers come with a built-in HEPA filter that can capture virus and harmful pathogens in the air and also possess sterilizing technology which emits heat to kill harmful pathogens.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a home rid free of pests and dust by the time the baby arrives from the hospital.


As your due date approaches your mind will be filled with a number of questions the biggest being the dust problem of the house and what should you do about it.