Maid service dubai| What Should You Do For Fast and Neat House Cleaning?

Everybody wants their house to look the best; a vision of beauty and serenity. But it’s not always easy to keep it that way. Using the conventional cleaning methods, it takes time to clean your entire house to make it look fresh and beautiful. In today’s Dubai, no one has the time or energy to completely clean the house step by step.

This is where modern alternatives come in to play. For individuals who can’t seem to find the time to clean every inch of their house, Dubai companies, that offers cleaning services, have introduced the service of hiring maids for cleaning. They will be trained in efficient cleaning techniques that will make your house shine. The maid service can be availed for a whole day or part-time. As soon as the appointment is made, the maid will arrive at your home at the designated time.

However, in case you’re wondering how you should clean your house faster, here’s how.

How to Clean your House in an Hour?

When you start cleaning, make sure you divide your home into different zones and assign the time in which you’ll have to finish cleaning it. Follow through without getting distracted and you’ll have a neat and clean home in an hour. It’s always best to start with the Bedroom and end with the Living room.

Zone 1: Bedroom

(10 minutes per bedroom)

  • Put everything in its rightful place. Throw the dirty clothes in the basket, empty the wastebasket, fold your clothes, store the unnecessary things that are lying around in your closet and sweep the floor.
  • Change the sheets and make the bed.
  • Dust your room using a damp cloth so that you don’t sneeze on the job.
  •  Mop your floors and vacuum the carpets.

Zone 2: Bathroom

(9 minutes per bathroom)

  • Spray the sink, taps, and faucets with a cleaning solution and let it sit. Clean it after you’ve cleaned the toilet and mirror.
  • Clean the toilet and tank.
  • Clean the mirror.
  • If you have a tub or a shower, wipe it down after spraying it with a cleaning solution.
  • Mop or wash the floor.

Zone 3: Kitchen

(12 minutes)

  • Wash the dishes.
  • Rearrange everything lying around back into the cabinets.
  • Clean the stove or countertop.
  • Wipe the counters.
  • Brush and clean the kitchen appliances.
  • Sweep and then mop the floor.

Zone 4:

Living Room (15 minutes)

  • Put everything that’s out of place neatly into its designated spot.
  • Dust the room, wipe the blinds and vacuum the furniture.
  • Wipe down the glass windows.
  • Vacuum the carpets; sweep the floor and the mop it to finish it off.

This is the basics of fast cleaning. However, it is recommended to hire a maid and avail the cleaning service to get the cleaning done properly, efficiently and faster.

Dubai is a land of endless possibilities. Not even the cleaning has a limit. To get the best professionals and services, hire the best maids in Dubai.