Post Construction Deep Cleaning Process

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Introduction: Post-construction deep cleaning is the last step in building a home or other structure. This happens when the contractors have completed their work and it’s time to give back your home. In order for this to be done, there needs to be some preparation done beforehand by everyone involved in the process.

Preparation: Before you begin deep cleaning your construction zone, it’s important to prepare the
space. First, lay down protective sheets to protect floors and furnishings from dust. Next, remove all furniture and other items from the area—both inside and outside of closets, cabinets, etc.—so that they can be cleaned separately. Remove any items hanging on walls (pictures, tapestries etc.), as well as anything sitting on top of counters or tables (lamps, books etc.). You should also remove all items from floor surfaces such as rugs or carpets—these too will need special attention when you’re getting ready for final cleaning services. Finally, clean up any debris that may have fallen onto windowsills
during construction as well as any clutter around these areas; once again this will help give your 
post-construction deep cleaner a clear path towards spotless results!

Cleaning up the dust and dirt: The most important step in your deep cleaning process is to remove dust and dirt from the floor. The best way to do this is with a wet vacuum, which has a hose attachment that allows you to suck up larger particles. Don’t use a dry vacuum on your floors—the bristles will scratch them! The last thing you want is for everyone in the office to be walking around on rough concrete flooring all day long!

Cleaning the flooring: Flooring should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket, or a squeegee. You can also use a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner to clean your floors after construction is complete.

Cleaning of doors and windows: When you are cleaning your doors and windows, you may want to consider using a product like the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. This product was formulated specifically for cleaning hardwood floors and it is highly effective at removing dirt, dust and grime from your doors and windows. If you need help getting your home’s windows clean after construction, we would be
happy to assist you with that too!

Removing sticker residue from glass surfaces: Use a razor blade to remove sticker residue from glass surfaces. If you have a sticker that has been applied over and over again, use the razor blade to scrape it off in layers. Use a razor blade to remove paint from wood surfaces if your furniture has been painted with latex paint or oil-based paint, which is most likely the case for older pieces of furniture. This can be done by gently scraping up the edges of the paint with a utility knife or box cutter, then using sandpaper to smooth down those rough edges and make them feel like new again! Use a razor blade when necessary, during this cleaning process because they’re great tools that help us achieve many things around our homes today!

Removal of paint from places it shouldn’t have been applied: Paint is a common tool for home improvement projects. However, it can be quite difficult to remove the paint once you’ve finished your project. Paint can be removed from hardwood floors with acetone or turpentine products. It may also be possible to use a strong degreaser or even detergents on carpets or rugs if they have been painted over by mistake. For walls, you will need to begin by scraping off any excess paint using a putty knife or similar tool before washing down the wall with warm soapy water and rinsing thoroughly with clean water again until all traces of dirt are gone (this includes fixing those annoying little smears where the paint has dripped onto your floor). Once this step has been completed, use an industrial strength adhesive remover such as TSP (trisodium phosphate) mixed with warm water in order to loosen up any remaining adhesives that may still exist within cracks between bricks or other materials used as part of construction work during previous years; however, make sure not too much solution is added because then it could soften areas which were previously waterproofed together – causing problems later down the line!

Finishing touches: Once you’ve finished deep cleaning process, it’s time to put everything back in its place. This includes:





Conclusion: In the end, it’s all about finishing touches. When you have a clean home and need something extra to make it shine, consider getting some help from professionals like us at Post Construction Cleaning Services. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services that will make your home look brand new!