The cleaning industries latest trends and the progress it has made over the years

What is Cleaning Industry?

For those who are in the business of cleaning there is only goal to keep our customers premises clean and spotless. The activities of the cleaning industry can be broadly classified into

  • Commercial cleaning-This types of cleaning deals with janitorial services offered to offices and other such commercial outlets. We have many cleaning companies in Dubai offering commercial cleaning at affordable rates.
  • Residential cleaning-This types of cleaning services are mainly offered to homes, flats and residential apartments. There are a number of house cleaning companies in Dubai who offers a range of services like kitchen cleaning, floor cleaning, babysitting, pet services etc.
  • Special cleaning-there are a number of maintenance companies in Dubai  who offers a wide range of specialized services like deep cleaning, move-in-move-out cleaning, party cleaning etc.

These 3 categories have a number of subdivisions under them and as per a report that came out back in 2015 there are about 8,70,000 companies in the cleaning industry worldwide and there are somewhere around like 3.5 million people working for the maid industry in the US alone.

How the cleaning industry fared against the great depression

Like any other industry the cleaning industry was also hit by the great depression of 2008 and suffered great losses with revenues falling down to 5.6 from 7 an all-time low rate.As the entire economy was in a chaotic state no one were in a position to afford a maid to clean their office or apartment.

But such setbacks were only temporary and the industry re surged after a few years, and by 2015 the industry’s total revenue stood at 50 million bringing the industry back to its formal glory once more. Since the cleaning industry resurfaced the unemployment rate has dropped in Middle East countries like UAE, Kuwait and in European countries like UK, Netherlands etc. and there is rumored to be a 6 percent growth in the cleaning industry by 2020.

How Rewarding and Accommodating is the cleaning industry

The cleaning industry can be a pretty lucrative one for those who are ready and willing to provide quality services to their clients at the best prices. There is a saying in the cleaning industry that you can lose half of your client base every year.

Your success in a particular business and your ability to retain customers will depend on how good you are at meeting their expectations and that is also true for the cleaning industry. 

In the cleaning industry also your ability to retain customers will depend on how good your employees are meeting your client’s expectations and how much you are charging for your services.

The problem with the cleaning industry is that the entry barriers compared to other industries are pretty low and therefore, there are many companies for a sizable portion of the pie.

How the various companies in the cleaning industry beat the competition

Despite the fierce competition in the cleaning industry even a small firm can compete with a behemoth in the industry just by providing better quality services .In this industry companies are having an option to specialize in a particular category and providing services in that category.

This is done by most of the maid cleaning services in Dubai they compete with their bigger rivals by providing specific services to their clientele to beat the competition like deep cleaning, pet cleaning, party cleaning, move-in-move-out cleaning etc.

The green Initiative

Like all industries the cleaning industry is also going green by switching to Eco-friendly cleaning solution other than using the synthetic variant which is having detrimental effect on our health as well as on the environment.

Green cleaning service

Following the industry trends the cleaning companies in Dubai have switched to “green products”. By adopting green protocols these cleaning companies can attract those clients who are conscious about the state of the environment and who shares their same passion and concern for the environment’s safety.

How the cleaning industry Cater To their Different Clients

The cleaning industry provides a wide range of services ranging from regular house cleaning to specialized service like window cleaning.

Residential cleaning

The residential cleaning services are availed by those people having above average wealth. These services are availed by those who are looking to find some extra time to spend with their family.

The ideal client for those in the residential cleaning industry is a married couple who are both collage educated and having a stable career aged from 30 on wards. Most of the clients looking for maids in Dubai belongs to this category.

Commercial cleaning

The commercial cleaning services are availed by commercial establishments like offices, factories who will be looking for maid services to clean up the office premises and keeping it in a neat condition and also other specialized services like Window cleaning etc.

There are a number of cleaning companies in Dubai who specialize particularly in this service, as Dubai is home to a number of skyscrapers and those who provide this service can generate a lot of profit.

The Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is the type of cleaning where you will avail the services of a cleaning company like ours to clean every nook and corner of your home or office.It not something people do on a monthly or weekly basis it’s something that is done once every 6 months or a year.

Only a few cleaning companies in Dubai who are offering this service owing to constraints  like the need for specialized equipment’s, man power etc. however, those of who are providing deep cleaning service are in for a treat as they can generate a huge profit owing to  lack of competition.