Thinks to Consider When Painting Your Room

Thinks to Consider When Painting Your Room

Painting a room is a relatively easier task and that is why it is considered as  a popular do it yourself project by peoples of all ages after all it’s a relatively painless job and inexpensive to fix even is some painting disaster were to happen.

Plan Your Approach Beforehand

Before you start with the painting try to imagine or visualize the final product, dint use the same color for all the 4 walls be a bit more creative and experiment with bold and contrasting colors. Use a color that Brightens up the entire room and give a glossy feel which resists fading when sunlight hits it.

Choosing the right Color

Choosing the right color for your home’s interiors can be a rather tough job as there are some many different colors to choose from and each of these colors come in different shades therefore; all things considered it is slight bit difficult for a regular person to choose the right color for their interior so start with something relatively simpler.

What kind of Color Do You Want is it a warm color or a cold color, does the color compliment the furniture and painting in the room after this pick a few shades get their samples and apply them to a small region and observe how they react to light in different times of the day and only then choose the color for your room.

Do a small research In Google about various colors and the impact they will bring in to your room while you are at it go to the sites of some professional painting service companies  for some inputs and insights.

Tools you need to paint

painting service tools brush-roller-ladder-dubai

Every project requires a specific set of tools likewise painting also requires a set off tools, for starters you will first of all require a painting brush and a paint you cannot start the painting without either of them other than these 2 you will also require some other tools to help your painting job much easier we have listed some of them here. To  get info on which tools you should be choosing refer to the sites of some paint service companies  websites as they will have info on these tools.

  • Paint
  • Paint roller
  • Paint roller extension pole
  • Drop cloths
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint tray
  • Sand paper
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Rags
  • Putty knife

How much paint will you require?

After you imagine how your walls look after the painting and the painting you will have to decide how much quantity of paint do you require for your little art project.

As a rule of thumb you will require 1 gallon of paint for painting 400 square feet this is just a rough estimate therefore, instead of relying on rules of thumb you can use some of the online paint calculator tools like Benjamin moor or Pratt and Lambert. You can get advice from your friend who working on a painting service company.

To reduce the number of coast required apply a gray tinted primer beforehand before applying a saturated color if you need a glossy finish apply one more coat after to give your rooms the look and feel of a beautiful texture.

Some painting service agency are having tools in their websites which allow you take estimates on how much paint you will require for your art project and do accordingly.

Prepare the wall and the room for your painting service

Before you begin painting the room remove the painting your lover gave you and the furniture which your parents gifted you when you moved in therefore, they wont get paint stains on them because removing paint stains from objects can be a tad more difficult than painting itself.

painting services company in Dubai masking room for painting

                             Before you begin painting  move everything to the center of the room and then cover both the objects and the floor with a drop cloth therefore, you wont get any paint stains on them.

Have a strategy

After you mix the paint and have your roller ready you have to decide how you should proceed its better to start from the top then proceed to the bottom  therefore, tart from the ceiling and then move to the adjacent walls.

If you are planning to compliment the dark walls with a brighter hue apply 3 coats your primer and in addition to that 2 more coats. Tackle one wall at a time and when painting use a paint brush to cut in the corners and moldings from top to the bottom and use a roller to cover the main areas ,when using a roller paint as if you are drawing  the letter W for a wide coverage only after the wall is dried and set you should proceed with the second coating. You can get insights like these if you were to refer to the websites or blogs of any painting service companies as they will have some valuable tricks and hacks you can try.

Open the curtains and the windows and Feel the Air

Throughout the project keep the windows open and switch on your fans, by keeping the room both ventilated the paint will dry faster considering it’s not a rainy day.

Now it’s Cleaning Time

It’s not over after you apply multiple coats of paint it’s time to clean after your mess,

  • Take care of the spills only after they have dried up otherwise you risk the chance of it spreading to other areas.
  • After you deal with the spills remove the plastic cover covering your possessions.
  • Now to clean the brushes if the paints are of the latex or water based variant then clean the bushes with soap and water, if they are oil based paints use mineral spirits to clean them.
  • For cleaning rollers just hold them below running water

If you are that concerned about cleaning after you can always choose the option of hiring in a professional house cleaning services in Dubai to help you out.

Take enough time

Since house painting is a tough task it will take some time therefore, don’t rush it how long it will take and all will depend on how much time you can allocate for the process and how skilled you are with the brush and the scale of your little at project whether it’s just a room or an entire house, the climate as paint will take longer to dry during rainy days compared to sunny days.

If you are facing a shortage of time or money its better you skip this art project for this time and hire in a professional painting services if you are faced with a shortage of both time and money its always better to hire in professionals to do the job for you as they will bring in all the required tools and will know which color suits your room better in accordance with the lighting of the room.

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