Tips from Cleaning Services in Dubai for Summer

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Summer is here and that means you will have to prepare your house for the summer heat and dust storms. The summer in Dubai can be really intense and with the occasional sand storms, most of us will do anything to avoid stepping outside and face the fury of nature.

During summer most of us will prefer staying indoors rather than on the outside but staying too long in an air-conditioned environment can cause health problems and infections.

According to blogs of some house cleaning services in Dubai, you will have to prepare your house well in advance before the summer onslaught. So before the summer arrives you will need to take care of houses gardens, pots, plants all before summer arrives.

Dubai Flats and houses interior

Why summer is the best time to hire maids in Dubai

During the summertime microorganisms like bacteria, fungi grow at an exponential rate and if you don’t deal with them in a timely manner it can ruin the whole look and feel of your home and its surrounding environment.

If you don’t have time to deal with this matter you are always having the option of outsourcing the task to house cleaning services in Dubai to do it for you. After you avail the services of a  hire a house cleaning service in Dubai you can either tend to other tasks in your daily itinerary or sit and relax comfortably in your chair as the  maids from Dubai will come and do the work for you.

What the summer heat does to your walls

We are having the option of staying indoors during summer however your building doesn’t have the luxury it has to face the full brunt of the scorching summer. According to blogs of some of the maintenance companies in Dubai prolong exposure of the external walls to heating and cooling can cause its wear and tear.

To avoid this have your walls checked for cracks, signs of wear and damage before summer arrives.

Tips from cleaning services in Dubai for your garden

Whether it is a patch of grass in the land or a couple of pots in your balcony in a place like Dubai both of the before mentioned sources of green fits into the definition of a garden. But nevertheless, it’s your responsibility to take care of it.

  • Keep the plants in pots in a location where they will get enough sunlight in the morning and evening however, in other times should be cool.
  • Till the summer is over you will have to check the humidity of the soil in your garden and your pot’s occasionally and waters them.
  • Keep in mind plants in smaller pots require more frequent watering than bigger plants owing to their inability to store water.
  • Apply fertilizer to your garden as well as plants in the pots as the summer heat can deplete soils of their nutrient content.
  • During summer time both plants and weeds grow uncontrollably, to resolve this matter you can use a geo-textile, most of the house cleaning services in Dubai follows the same practice.

Despite all the negatives, summer is the best time to achieve your dream of having a beautiful lush green lawn.

How the cleaning services in Dubai deal with Sand storms

Dust storms are a natural hazard which is frequent in arid and semi-arid regions like Dubai which is marked by the sudden change in temperature from winter to summer.

sand storm in dubai top view

The sudden increase in temperature can result in the generation of strong winds which in turn results in desert or sand storms due to the fact that Dubai is surrounded by a desert.

  • Have your windows, doors, and shutters in your building checked before summer arrives, in order to avoid sand getting inside your premises.
  • Check the ropes attached to sheets and covers attached to your house before the arrival of summer, If the binds are loose the strong winds can tear it down.

How cleaning services in Dubai deal with summer.

Here is a list of things you need to take care before as summer approaches.

  • Take a look at your kitchen for the presence of molds, fungi, etc before summer.
  • Check the pantry for a sign of mold growth which can be exasperated with the arrival of summer.
  • Pay attention to carpets, sofas, and furniture and have them cleaned.
  • If you are having a pet keep them off the furniture and carpets, as during the summer they will shed their hair.
  • Switch your curtains to heavy blackout ones to prevent the heat and strong sunlight from entering the house.
  • Take out your summer wears from the storage and have them checked for damage and wash and prepare them in advance.
  • Check your house’s ventilation system for any blockage, the summer heat combined with blocked chimneys or vents can result in suffocation.
  • Frequently check the contents of the refrigerator for signs of expiry or rotting, The rate of decay of food substances will increase during summer.

Now that you are aware of how the summer heat can affect your surrounding premises and what can be done to take care of it you can better prepare yourself and your surrounding environment for the summer.

Anyway, you will have to clean your premises before the arrival of summer so if you are having enough time on your hand you can follow the contents of the blog and do the cleaning part yourself. If you are pressed for time just know that the best cleaners in Dubai are only a call away you can reach us at website link.