Water Tank- Cleaning and Disinfection

What is a water tank according to cleaning services in Dubai

Water tanks are used for water conservation purposes which are beneficial for both the environment and its habitats. They play an important role in preserving water a dwindling and precious resource throughout the world. Water tanks come in all shapes and sizes but they all operate under the same basic principle.

Thanks to global warming the weather patterns whole over the world have been affected to a point where everything is flipped, nowadays when it’s supposed to rain it will be sunny and when it’s not supposed to rain it will rain. As per reports submitted by world meteorological organization the amount of rainfall we are receiving is decreasing at an alarming rate and if this keeps up our planet will turn into a barren desert in the future.

In a world where water is becoming a precious exercise, it’s important that we find ways to conserve water for future uses. We use water for almost all of our daily needs from brushing our teeth to taking a bath so what will be our plight if we were to run out of water one day we will go crazy.  

A water tank is used to avoid such a situation. It can store water in our pipeline for future consumption.

So according to cleaning companies in Dubai, it’s important you choose a water tank that’s big enough to meet the needs and requirements of your family.

Things to consider when choosing a water tank for your home according to cleaning companies in Dubai.

Some of the things you should consider according to cleaning services in Dubai when it comes to choosing a water tank.

  • You should choose a water tank made of steel, concrete or polythene.
  • You should choose a tank that’s suitable for your roof’s catchment area.
  • Decide where you want to install the tank.
  • How much budget you are willing to spend for its erection.

What is water contamination according to cleaning services in Dubai

Water contamination is a serious health concern throughout the world especially in third world countries like India and China as it can result in the spread of deadly diseases like diarrhea and vomiting. The effects of water contamination are deadly for infants, adults and the elderly alike.

Major contaminants in water according to cleaning services in Dubai

These are some of the major contaminants in water according to cleaning services in Dubai

Giardia – Giardia is a microscopic parasite that causes illness like diarrhea in people. This microscopic can infest water when it comes in contact with substances like animal feces. Giardia’s hard external outer shell makes it impervious to techniques like cholera disinfection.

Legionella – It is a microscopic organism that can cause a serious case of pneumonia in people and can also cause a disease called Pontiac fever in people infected by it. The organism can enter our body through contaminated water, old people and chain smokers are at a high risk of becoming infected by Legionella.

Norovirus – We can become infected by Norovirus food or water infected by the virus. Once the organism enters our body it can cause disease like diarrhea and vomiting in infected people.

Shigella – Shigellosis is a disease caused by this microorganism; it can result in diseases like diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, etc.

Salmonella – Salmonella is a major cause of hospitalization throughout the world; most people infected with Salmonella will develop symptoms of the disease within 12-72 hours. The symptoms include abdominal cramps, fever, etc. and will last 4-7 days.

Hepatitis A – We becomes infected with hepatitis when we come in contact with water contaminated by the virus. Compared to the other infections we have discussed until now hepatitis is a much more serious disease. Its symptoms include fatigue, stomach cramps, nausea jaundice, etc. and can take about 1.5-2 months to heal completely.

Cryptosporidium – it is a microscopic organism that can cause a diarrheal disease known as cryptosporidiosis like giardia cryptosporidiosis is also protected from disinfecting techniques like chlorine disinfection by its thick outer shell.

The symptom of the disease includes stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, nausea, dehydration, etc. The symptoms can last anywhere between 1-2 weeks and maybe 1 month in people with the people with a weak immune systems.

E coli – E coli is a group of bacteria that can cause diarrhea and urinary tract infection in people who comes in contact with the bacteria from sources like contaminated water. The effects of the disease can last any were between 2-4 days.

Ways by which water tank can become infected according to cleaning services in Dubai

  • These are some of the different ways by which your water tank can become contaminated according to cleaning companies in Dubai.
  • If we were to leave the lid of our water tank open, animal and bird feces may fall on them and the water can, as a result, can become contaminated with germs and viruses present in the feces.
  • If we leave the lids open insects like salamander’s flies may fall on the water and as a result, the water will become contaminated.
  •  If your tank is located under a tree the twigs and leaves from the trees may fall on the water tank and as a result, it can become dirty and contaminated.

Tips from cleaning companies in Dubai to clean your water tank

You need a couple of things like water, detergent, a hard brush, and a high-pressure jet to clean your water tank.

As per best practices followed by several cleaning services in Dubai, before you clean the interiors of the water tank the surrounding area around the water tank should be cleaned. The types of equipment used for water tank cleaning should be disinfected before we used them for water tank cleaning.

Have the tanks emptied

First of all the water tank should be completely emptied before we start the cleaning and use the water to water down your plants being summer we have to conserve the usage of water as much as possible. After we have drained the water tank we can use the water for some productive purposes like watering our plants, cleaning our vehicles etc.

Scrubbing of the tank

To scrub off the dirt from the insides of the water tank you will need to use a hard brush. By applying a little bit of pressure you can remove the dirt, fungus, sediments, and stains stuck to the insides of the water tank completely. While you are at it you should be wearing a mask so you wouldn’t breathe in any of the effluents coming from inside the water tank.


After you use a scrubber to remove the dirt particles there is a chance for the dirt and fungus to land on the tank’s floor. This is where we need that extra cleaning power to get the job done. The dirt and debris settled on the floor can easily be removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. So in order to get your water tank completely cleaned you should subject it to both scrubbing and vacuuming.

Water tanks should be disinfected

Now that you have the water tank cleaned and vacuumed we can subject it to disinfection. We are subjecting the water tank to disinfection, therefore, that we can rid them of germs, fungus, and other disease-causing microorganisms. We can use antibacterial spray or liquid bleach to get the job done. It’s important that we use water to clean the insides of the water tank after we subject it to disinfection.

Let the tank dry

After you have the tank cleaned, disinfected now drain out the water and let it dry. After the tank has been dried we have a clean and germ-free tank for our daily consumption.  

Follow these steps and you will be able to completely remove all dirt and sludge attached to your tank. If you are pressed for time and can’t do the cleaning by yourself, you can always make a call to, Spectrum one of the best cleaning company in Dubai will do it for you for the best rates.

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