What should we clean monthly, weekly and daily by cleaning companies in Dubai

Suleiman and Nafeeza were different than other couples mostly because of their obsession with cleanliness. Usually in a family one of the couple, mostly the female will be a neat freak and the guy will be a lazy bum. But here both of them were crazy when it comes to how their house is maintained.

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The visitors to the couple’s house are always surprised how they are able to maintain everything in their house in such a spotless manner. One of the rumors going around in the neighborhood is that, the couple will pay anyone 20 AED if they are able to find any sign of dust or dirt in their house. This alone speaks volumes about the couples confidence and pride when it comes to maintaining their house’s cleanliness.

One day another couple moved into the neighborhood, Nafjaan and Aisha a newly wedded couple. Nafjaan and Aisha were polar opposites of Suleiman and Nafeeza, both of them were lazy and were constantly chided by their peers for their lack of cleanliness. The couples were one day invited to the residence of both Suleiman and Nafeeza for dinner.

The young couples couldn’t believe what they were seeing before their eyes in their host’s residence everything was kept in a very pristine and neat condition. For the first time in their life, the couples were embarrassed by the pitiful condition of their house and wanted to something about it. So they decided to ask their hosts about how they are able to maintain their house in such a neat and clean condition.

Nafeeza told them that they were able to keep everything so, neat and organized was because of their coordination and teamwork. The couple maintain a schedule listing what they will clean on a daily basis, on a weekly basis and what they will clean at the end of the month in there.

They have stored this schedule in their I pads Day planner app which they have synchronized with their I phones and smart watches so they will be receiving constant updates about their daily list of chores. After explaining the merits of maintaining a schedule the hosts handed over their I pad with a blog from the website of a popular maintenance company in Dubai opened detailing the merits of maintaining a cleaning schedule for the young couple to read.

Things to clean on a daily basis according to house cleaning companies in Dubai

The toilets-According to the blog they were supposed to have their toilets cleaned every single day. They also learned that if they were to pour some cleaning solution into the toilet bowl the previous night it will be easier to scrub them the next morning.

Kitchen tops-The kitchen top is where we prepare the dinner so it’s important that we maintain it properly also else it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and other infectious organisms. The couples learned that cleaning the kitchen top was kind of easy a rag cloth with few drops of vinegar will do the trick. A neat trick followed by most of the maids in Dubai.

The beds-The blog explained the virtue of maintaining a neat bedroom and bedroom’s neatness to an extent depending on the condition of the bed. The best way to complete this chore was to make the practice of making one own bed after they wake up and slowly it will become a force of habit.

Deal with the hotspots-the hot spots are not areas where you get Wi-Fi connection these are the areas where you pile up things in your house. A term made popular by an article in a blog post from Spectrum cleaning services Dubai.

Most of us have the tendency of leaving our things in one or more spots of the house to a point where we are looking at mountains made of stuffs which we left here and there.

The best way to avoid this is to avoid things to pile up and turning to hot spots in your house whether it’s a basket or a football if it’s not sitting in the right position put it where it belongs.

Unload the dishwasher-A dishwasher as the name implies is used to clean the dishes and since we use these plates to serve and eat our food it’s imperative that we keep them neat and clean. Therefore, make it a point to wash the dishes in the night itself.

Things to clean on a weekly basis according to house cleaning companies in Dubai

Deep cleaning bathrooms-Deep cleaning is when we scrub every inch of our bathroom to make it spotlessly clean. To deep clean the bathroom, all you need is a spray cleaner and a stash of paper towels.

Clean up the cup boards-In our daily busy life choosing the right shirt to go with our pants or to select the right scarf to go with the purdah itself is a task. So make it a point to arrange the clothes inside the cupboard in an organized and neat manner every week.  

A step by step guide to clean the fridge from the site of a popular maid company in Dubai.

• The fridge-At the end of the week go through the contents of the refrigerator and throw away leftovers that have run its course. Remove everything from the fridge and put the perishables in a cooler.

• Next, remove the racks inside the fridge and dip them inside a sink full of warm water. After the contents of the fridge are removed clean the insides and the door handles of the fridge with a solution made from 2tbsp of baking soda a 1 liter of hot water.

• Appliances-Once in a week make it propriety to clean the various appliances throughout the house like oven mixes etc. as the residual food stuck in them can be harmful to us.

 After going through the weekly schedule and daily schedule they felt as if they were head was spinning both of them were totally clueless about the existence and the importance of most of these chores.

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Things to clean only on a monthly basis according to house cleaning companies in Dubai

Dealing with the floors-The floors of the house are supposed to be cleaned once in every month else dirt and dust will collect ruining the overall appeal of the house. The best tool to get the job done is to use a mop with a cleaner attached which will make the cleaning task a whole lot easier.

The mop with an attached cleaner is a popular cleaning tool among the part-time housemaids in Dubai

Dusting the ceiling fan-In almost every room of the house there will be a ceiling fan taking into account the temperature in the UAE. If dust is allowed to collect in the fans it can trigger asthma and allergies attacks.

Dealing with the garage-Most of us will use the garage as a place to keep our private stashes like our old cassette collection, TV’s, cd players, etc. Once in a while go through the stuff make a note of what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown away and throw away the unwanted items.

After going through all this the young couples understood something despite the drive to implement all this both of them lack the necessary time and patience to do anything like this and politely handed over the tab wished their hosts a wonderful night and returned back to their home.

After they returned back to their home they could see the stark difference between their house and that of their hosts. So the young couples decide it was time for a change they wanted to make their house and its surrounding environment more organized and clean.

Since both of them were currently working they won’t be able to find enough time to include cleaning activities in their daily schedule therefore, they decided to hire the services of a  house cleaning services in Dubai to help them keep their house in an organized and neat manner.