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We are offering maid cleaning services in Dubai at affordable rates in Dubai. Whether you are looking for cleaning your home or whether you are looking to get your office cleaned so that you are employees can have a more productive working environment. Spectrum cleaning services with our very efficient maids in Dubai can help you clean and also offer you up many more services.

The very best maids in Dubai

Our maids are professionally trained and with immense experience in cleaning and providing a satisfying environment for those who want to see their place turned perfect. Many a maid company in Dubai will not have such part time maids as ours – maids who have a wealth of experience and a versatile skillset. They are the best among any maid agency in Dubai.


Hear at Spectrum, our maids are trained so that they are versatile at the cleaning services that they can dispense. They can clean several locations whether residence or office using the best equipment that fits the situation. Moreover, they can switch being just mere cleaners to performing other specialised skills such as pet care, laundry and ironing, and sitting services. The versatility of our part time maids in Dubai makes our agency one of the most coveted in Dubai.

Punctual and Affordable

Our services are relatively affordable than any other maid services that you might find anywhere here in Dubai. Our cleaning services make sure that though the price might be low; the quality of the cleaning is never compromised. We always make sure that the quality remains stellar throughout. We often come up with offers and other incentives that you will most definitely find attractive.

Moreover we make sure that the cleaning is done quickly and according to time. Since we charge our maid cleaning services, we make sure that our part time maids are cleaning your house or your office space for only the hours that you specified them to be there. This way we make sure that maid cleaning occurs only to your liking and according to the way you would want within your specified time frame.

What our

"Spectrum cleaning did a great at cleaning at my home. The maid arrived right on time, and did the cleaning just as I had wanted. Truly, I am satisfied and I would want to be serviced by these professionals again."

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17 / JAN / 2022
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