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Spectrum electricians are among the most highly qualified and skilled electricians delivering professional quality work that is adhering to the highest standards and follows building regulations. As a maintenance company providing electric services, we are able to provide you with the best electricians to come around and clean your house to the best of their abilities.

All of spectrum’s work is done to the highest of standards. This is facilitated by using the highest quality tools and techniques to complete the work that was given to us. And of course, in order to make sure that these electrical services are done properly, we have the best electrical services personnel there to help you make it work.

We can provide electrical services for your homes and office spaces. We can bring about repairs quite effectively and also at the quickest amount of time. No longer do you need to be enveloped in darkness just because your lights are off. Our electrical services in Dubai, UAE will make sure that you have lights.

It’s not only fixing light bulbs that we are good at. If you want to create a good working electrical circuit about your house, you are going to need someone to maintain it properly. If you are ever in need of any kind of electrical services in Dubai, you will only call upon Spectrum Services to get the repairs done.

We are able to deliver a wide assortment of services for you due to the high skills and versatility displayed by our electricians:


  • Ceiling Fans, Safety Switches
  • Lighting, Lights, and Light Fittings
  • Power Points
  • TV Outlets
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Computer Networking
  • Garden Lighting
  • Solar Panels

Repair & Replacement

  • Defective Light Fittings
  • Loose Electrical Connections
  • Dirty Electric Panels
  • Corroded Wires
  • Overheating Wires and Burnt Cable
  • Short Circuits
  • Damaged or burnt power sockets
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